Our Mission

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Geosciences (AAPIiG) is a grassroots, member-driven organization committed to building a community that supports AAPIs within geosciences. The organization will:

What We Do

To achieve our mission, the organization coordinates, maintains, and supports the following initiatives and activities:

Who is AAPIiG for?

We welcome all geosciences community members who self-identify as Asian American and/or Pacific Islander, as well as individuals of Asian- and/or Pacific Islander-descent working in U.S.-based institutions. Community members include undergraduates, graduate students, recent graduates in transition, post-baccalaureate, and prospective students, postdocs, faculty, educators, administrators, industry and non-profit professionals, federal or state employees, researchers, retirees, and more. Please visit the AAPIiG Slack page for further details.

Allies who are interested in learning more about AAPI issues are welcome to join our email lists to receive announcements, information on events, and guidance on ways to support the AAPIiG community.

We define geosciences broadly as any discipline related to the study of Earth and the environment, including but not limited to research areas commonly found in Earth science and geography departments (e.g., geology, oceanography, planetary science, atmospheric science, cryosphere science, environmental sciences, et cetera).